About Us

Melbourne's leading complementary health clinic specialising in women's health and family medicine.

The clinic, originally known as the Clifton Hill Natural Therapies Centre, was started by Ruth Trickey in 1980 and rapidly grew to incorporate a wide variety of complementary medicine practitioners. In 2000 we moved to Fairfield, changed our name and became Melbourne Holistic Health Group (MHHG). In May 2014, the clinic in Fairfield closed down and MHHG is now located in Clifton Hill.

We have an established reputation for providing sound, evidence-based advice; and for working collaboratively within the current medical paradigm. We prioritise the healthcare needs of our patients by suggesting they choose the treatments that are in their best interests rather than choosing only those that we ourselves can provide. Importantly, we recognise the limitations of natural therapies and when needed, suggest patients consult with doctors and specialists. If possible, we recommend those doctors who are happy to see patients who want to continue natural remedies and treatments. Fortunately, our reputation and the contacts we have established over the years means that finding an appropriate referral with a GP or within a medical specialty is usually not a problem.

Our Philosophy

We recognise that optimal health is dependent on physical, mental and social well-being. The herbalists and naturopaths at MHHG apply a holistic model of healthcare with the primary goal of treating the underlying causes of disease.


Ruth Trickey first became interested in health care when she qualified as a nurse and midwife in 1970, and subsequently trained in the acute management of spinal injuries. She started her professional career as an acupuncturist in 1978, and as a herbalist and natural therapist in 1980. For the last 30 years Ruth has been the director of Melbourne Holistic Health Group (formally Clifton Hill Natural Therapies Centre), a multidisciplinary health care clinic dedicated to a collaborative model of health care.


Reception staff at MHHG are either final year naturopathic students or fully qualified naturopaths chosen to work in the clinic as a component of an internship. This position allows them to gain indispensible experience working alongside the practitioners of a multi-modality clinic. They are offered the opportunity to observe consultations and must demonstrate proficiency in the dispensing of medicines before being allowed to work in the dispensary. Currently our receptionists are Shalini, Holly and Roberta.

Ruth Trickey - Director of Melbourne Holistic Health Group

MHHG offers consultations in naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, remedial massage & psychology