Mental Health Part 2 - Mental Illness

By Ruth Trickey | August 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

This is our second group of articles looking at psychological wellbeing and this time our focus is on anxiety and the effect it has on our health. In a general practice setting, many health problems are caused or exacerbated by anxiety and sometimes working out what is the chicken and what is the egg is a diagnostic conundrum. However, from the perspective of holistic health care, the cause and effect dialogue is usually replaced by a focus on managing all aspects of the problem as it presents. Of course, in the long run, it is useful to know if the underlying cause of say, a gut problem, is anxiety so that preventative strategies can be put in place and so the individual has better insight into self-management.

Here are two podcasts from All in the Mind that you might find interesting.

One is on the impact of the internet and related technologies on our mental state, suggests that using social media and smart phones might accentuate behaviours and personality traits like narcissism and obsessive compulsive disorder, pushing some individuals along the spectrum toward disorder.

Click here to listen.

The other explores social anxiety disorder, and explains what it is and how some individuals may be born with higher functioning amygdalae. This part of the brain is responsible for, amongst other things, recognition of danger and the storage of memories associated with fear. It is now thought that individuals with social anxiety disorder, and perhaps other anxiety disorders as well, might experience some events as highly stress and anxiety-provoking because of this inherited trait.

Click here to listen.

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