Adolescents and young adults

While teenagers and younger adults are often more reluctant to attend health practitioners of their own accord, the practitioners at MHHG offer a non-threatening, welcoming and safe environment for young people to consult about their health concerns.

Important issues include acne, depression, stress and anxiety, insomnia; and for girls, difficulty with periods. Often we see adolescents and young adults who are in their final years of secondary school and during tertiary education. The recommended daily intake of most nutrients for this group is high, and this fact combined with the stresses of schooling and poor dietary choices leaves many adolescents with essential nutritional deficiencies. We assist in ensuring that nutritional needs are met adequately by advising on diet and supplements when appropriate.

Energy levels and concentration are often an issue for this age-group. Practitioners at MHHG evaluate each individual to rule out more serious complaints including depression. This is also a time in life when specific infective illness can occur. This may include acute respiratory tract infections such as tonsillitis which can become recurrent in this group. The naturopathic treatments offered at the clinic are able to help reduce the recurrence and severity of these illnesses. Other infections such as glandular fever may also strike and we can help manage this illness and its associated symptoms and assist with the restoration of good health.

Sexual health and safe sexual practice is of upmost importance in adolescents and young adults in preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Our practitioners educate, recommend and refer young people appropriately. At MHHG we also encourage young women to be vaccinated against HPV through the government funded cervical cancer prevention initiative.

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