Endocrinology is a complex speciality of medicine and frequently requires the input of a specialist endocrinologist.

The most common complaints affecting the endocrine system seen by us at MHHG are gynaecological in nature and include PCOS; and complaints related to menopause and infertility. Others include thyroid disorders and diabetes. While some of the complaints will respond to diet, lifestyle and naturopathic treatments, others require pharmaceutical medications for their management. Thus our role may be to provide adjunctive, rather than the primary treatment; however, our primary concern is that our patients are diagnosed accurately and that their treatments, whether they are medical or naturopathic, are safe and effective.

Patients experiencing endocrine problems can be treated with Chinese medicine by utilising the identification of patterns from Chinese medicine theory and treatment with acupuncture. Herbal medicine can be used if compatible with existing management protocols from western medicine or other modalities.

For example, a positive impact on hormone levels and ovulation in women with PCOS has been demonstrated in studies although the exact mechanisms at work are not always known.

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