Fatigued patients

Fatigue is a common complaint that accompanies many illnesses and has many causes.

The most extreme presentation is chronic fatigue syndrome, a complaint characterised by debilitating and unremitting fatigue that is quite unlike the fatigue experienced in everyday life. Whatever the cause of fatigue, starting with an accurate diagnosis is paramount amongst our concerns. Referral is often necessary for basic diagnostic blood tests (such as iron studies) or other diagnostic tests to rule out more serious causes like thyroid dysfunction or cancers. Fatigue also commonly presents as a symptom of anxiety and depression and our practitioners routinely assess patients with this in mind. For others, fatigue may be due to a complex combination of lifestyle, diet or social factors. Effective treatment of this complaint is thus dependent on the causative factor/s and is highly responsive to a holistic approach. This may utilise dietary and lifestyle modifications and may include Western and Chinese herbal medicines and/or acupuncture.

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