Practitioners at MHHG are frequently referred patients from specialist fertility clinics for collaborative treatment in assisting conception.

We are skilled at combining herbal and nutritional interventions with conventional medical treatments, including IVF, for women wishing to conceive. The process of IVF is often complicated and involves many drugs and a precise knowledge of herb-drug interactions is essential. Alternatively couples may consult for advice to enhance fertility prior to seeking medical treatments; however, because diagnosis of the cause of infertility is an essential first step, we typically recommend referral to a fertility specialist to ensure accurate assessment when conception does not occur within a defined time frame. A range of treatments are available and the cause of infertility will determine the treatment prescribed. Options include herbal medicines, acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle alterations, and correction of nutritional status.

Research into the effectiveness of acupuncture in improving IVF outcomes has shown positive results as well. Various studies showed that women who had acupuncture pre- and post-transfer increased implantation rates by 50% compared with IVF alone.Two studies examined pain management at embryo transfer using electro-acupuncture compared to medical treatments and found that those who received acupuncture required significantly lower amounts of drugs. Studies on the impact of relaxation pre- and post-transfer also found positive effects from acupuncture treatment. Patients showed significant relaxation and general sensation of well-being compared to those who didn’t receive acupuncture.

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