Mid Life Women

Many mid-life women consult us for the management of issues associated with the peri-menopause including hot flushes. The recent research on hormone therapy has suggested that it is not a viable option for all women. As such many women choose not to use hormone therapy, or their GPS recommend that they use other non-hormonal treatments as a first option. In addition, some women have pre-existing medical conditions that preclude their use of hormone therapies.

Common mid-life complaints may include hot flushes, insomnia, mood change, lowered libido, increased cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure and joint and muscle pain. Many of these respond well to herbal, dietary or lifestyle changes and are successfully treated at the clinic. Out treatments are tailored for each individual mid-life woman’s unique combination of presenting symptoms.

Although hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms are the primary reasons a woman will consult us, we are interested in the overall picture. Many health complaints that impair quality of life are ‘silent’ and will only be detected by appropriate evaluation and screening. Being holistic practitioners, we use the opportunity to assess all health domains that are relevant to women at mid-life and beyond. These include bone and cardiovascular health; body weight and risk of diabetes; exercise levels; and psychosocial health. We encourage compliance to screening, especially regular mammograms and advise our patients to utilise the appropriate government-sponsored screening programs. By taking this approach, we focus on optimal health and disease prevention.

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