Older Patients

Older age is typically accompanied by a decline in health and an increased susceptibility to chronic complaints.

At MHHG we try to encourage diet and lifestyle practices to reduce the risk of onset of common age-related issues; however, we also recognise that a variety of factors, including inherited predisposition, will result in an increased risk of ill health even when a healthy lifestyle has been followed. Whatever the cause of ill-health in this age group, treatments are often complicated by the number of complaints and the nature and number of pharmaceutical medications that have been prescribed. We recognise the need to prescribe carefully, taking into account the possible multiple herb-drug interactions; the compromised digestive capacity; and the age-related decline in organ function.

Dementias can arise as a result of cerebral circulatory insufficiency and herbal products, notably Gingko biloba, have an impressive profile that has been verified by numerous well-conducted research trials. Mood disturbance, especially depression, is also common to this age group. Properly prescribed herbal therapeutics provide a safe and effective means of managing this condition.

For well individuals, we encourage optimal health through appropriate screening and the adoption of preventative lifestyle strategies to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease; and to improve bone health, for example. Uniquely, herbal and nutritional antioxidants can be prescribed to optimise organ function; and other naturopathic therapeutics are available to improve digestive functioning and nutritional uptake.

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