We have a comprehensive range of Western and Chinese herbs in the form of dried herbs, liquid extracts, tablets and powders. We strive to access the best quality products whether they are herbs or supplements. Where possible, we use companies who use contract manufacturers based in Australia or whose ethical standards, in terms of accessing raw products, are in line with our own philosophy. For example, many of our Western herbal tablets are made by Australian companies and we seek to visit manufacturing sites to evaluate quality of product. To this end, the herbalists will travel to Queensland to visit the MediHerb site. Alternatively, we use European products that are imported into Australia by Flordis. These products are subjected to extremely high standards of evaluation in terms of efficacy and quality and are thus favoured by many of our practitioners. Additionally, we have recently added a new range of herbal extracts to our dispensary that are made in New Zealand, known as OptimalRx. This company uses many locally-grown and organic herbs, and their ethical standards are in line with our own.

We source our supplements from a limited range of companies who we trust to consistently supply us with superior quality product. When we need a new item in the dispensary, our practice manager spends a lot of time and effort finding the best quality product from the most reliable company. Fish oils are a case in point. There are many companies Australia-wide providing fish oils to the market. We only use companies who evaluate the quality of their product using what is known as the Swedish standard (a much more stringent method of evaluation to that used for most OTC fish oils). Thus we can be reassured that our patients are given the best fish oils we can obtain. Most of our nutritional and supplemental products are from Bioceuticals or NutriMedicine.

The dispensary is for the use of MHHG patients and for patients with a prescription from a recognised practitioner. Prescriptions for ongoing medical conditions that have been written at the time of a consultation are valid for one year unless otherwise stipulated by your practitioner. Patients can contact the reception staff to re-dispense medicines and these can be either collected from the clinic, or sent by courier or mail.

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