At MHHG we use conventional diagnostic techniques to assess and diagnose our patients’ conditions. We can offer Western or Chinese herbal medicine; and our naturopathic approach is evidence-based where possible. We treat a wide range of medical disorders and practice preventative medicine at all ages and through all life stages.

MHHG is principally a naturopathy and herbal medicine clinic (we prescribe both Chinese & Western herbs) focusing on the attainment of optimal health through appropriate diet, lifestyle & herbal interventions.

Practitioners at MHHG have developed a reputation for expertise in the management of gynaecological and obstetric disorders. We have a collaborative approach and frequently work with practitioners from other medical disciplines to optimise treatment outcomes for our patients.

The natural therapists meet weekly for two hours of professional development, case discussion and to establish treatment protocols. We also invite speakers to present to the practitioners and staff in the clinic. Using the information gathered during our professional development sessions, we have extensively revised the currently available textbook, ‘Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle’ to better reflect the gynaecological treatment protocols of the clinic, and also to provide practitioners with up to date information in those areas of women’s health where there is a lack of specific information. In particular, we have written new sections on cardiovascular disease in women since, although this condition affects more women than men, it is difficult for natural therapists to source concise information on gender-specific treatments for cardiovascular disease. Other sections in this text include osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and screening. We have also added a large section on breast and gynaecological cancers. The new book, to be known as ‘Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle - 3rd Edition’, will be in print at the beginning of 2011.


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